About us

Our company

We are a small online start up based in Chatsworth.

We intend on making a big wave in the gaming and hobby industry. This always starts and ends with the customer, if you ever have any sort of suggestion then please feel free to contact us.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Best prices on cards that you will find anywhere, if you find a better price let us know and we will do our best to match it!
  • Best return on cards you don't want anymore, give us a chance to make you a great offer!
  • Local Promotion of Artists. It is tough out there and we want to give the artists that sell with us some spotlight!
  • New Games. We love games and play them all the time, our long term goal is to create some great games and share them with everyone we can. (One day soon, we are just starting up and don't quite have the capital to invest in games just yet) if you have an idea for a game, we would love to hear about it and work with you to make it a reality.

Our team

We are two very weird, very different individuals who are looking to change the way business is done in gaming.

Thomas Bellon - I am the analytical one who is making sure this ship keeps going in the right direction and that we stay afloat. I want to do good and help out some of the many great gamers who I have met already. I will do everything I can, to the best of my number crunching ability, to give everyone a fair deal both on products they are buying as well as when they are selling back to us. I have been playing games and TCGs since I was about 8 and the local game store got Pokemon cards. I then went from that to Yu-Gi-Oh and finally ended up at Magic while in high school. Then I quit, until John asked me if I knew anything about a card game called Magic about 4 years ago and I have been back at it ever since. 

John Cody Fasano - I am the one who likes to talk with everyone! I have been playing and collecting nerdy games since I was 8 years old, and I have  never stopped. From Pokemon cards to Warhammer 40k, all the way through Magic and Dungeons and Dragons, I have dedicated my life and energy to these games as a player. Now I want to help give back to the community. Ever since I was a little kid and my dad would take me to a fast-food place and I would strike up a conversation with every little boy and girl in the play-place, he would say, "Johnny makes friends everywhere he goes!" When Thomas brought me in on his plans for this company that is what he wanted me to bring to the table. I am here for you guys to make sure that your experience with our social media and customer service is better than stellar. You guys deserve the best, and we want to bring you into our awesome, nerdy family at Critical Hit Collectibles. Check out our social media and you will hear from me -- a lot!


John Cody and I have been friends for 6th grade. We have always been nerdy. I quit magic for about 4 years and then John asked if I knew anything about it... and I was sucked back into that world and have never looked back. I have a lot of cards and had decided to sell some on TCG player. Well sales were good so I told John about it. He wanted to sell some cards as well. Me being me, I ran an analysis of how much we were making off of each card and compared it to how much we would have gotten from our local hobby shop and found we were making decent profit... then the idea hit. As we were sitting at Denny's sorting cards I told John the results of my analysis and he said, "Maybe we should start a website", my original idea was to buy higher than most stores and sell cards on TCG player but a website never came into my mind. To be honest, at this point I think John thought that was a passing whim. Later that week I tell him about the startup costs for a website and that we could do it based on our profits, it would just be a bit of work. Two days and many discussions later we were talking about a name for the company over dinner with our girlfriends, Critical Hit Collectibles comes up, later that night I started the website.