Sapphire Set of 7 Mineral Vein Polyhedral Dice with White Numbers for D20 based RPG's

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This is a set of 7 dice consisting of (1) D20, (1) D12, (1) D10, (1) Percentile Die, (1) D8, (1) D6, and (1) D4. This set is delivered in a bag for easy carrying or playing while on the go. Though these are meant for D20 based RPGs they also work great for counters in Magic or other TCG's.

All Dice are currently buy two get one free. This discount will only apply to the lowest cost set of dice on your order and can be applied multiple times per order. This special is available through the end of October to celebrate the launch of our website. This offer is available to combine with free shipping.

These dice are not actually made of Sapphire. These are recommended for children above the age of 3 and present a choking hazard. Please be aware and do not leave them lying around where children might find them. Also D4's really hurt when you step on them!